Please Believe Me

by John Kracji  (1927-2011)

I’m drawn to sea
and sunfed sky since
the days when to lie
on a lonely barrier beach
would let life’s woes
slipslide away
into the land
of Neverwas
Once in such wondrous mood
I came upon an isolated tidal pool
appropriated by slippery
see-through creatures
whose pretty ruse
masks painful surprise
These sea creatures
seemed genuinely jubilant
not one of them intent
on mean-spirited encounter
At first I sat bewildered
by the scene before my eyes­
Twenty-three jolly jellies
danced a jazz ballet
led by a manta ray whose
swift simulations of flight
dazzled and razzled
one hundred happy clapping clams
Astounded by this sight
I raced the barrier beach
in desperate search for one
to witness what I’d found
Now I’ve only my word
to give to you
for what is said
of time and tide is true.