Fall 2013

Fall 2013 Table of Contents


Letter from the Director

Letter from the Publisher


James Avitabile, Clotheslines Don’t Lie

Ivy Berchuck, Mother of the Bride

Ivy Berchuck, Subway Strategist

Eileen Brener, The Breath of Innocence

Celeste Cheyney, Living with Joy

Celeste Cheyney, My Secret Game

Patricia (Pat) Cooper, A Reading at A.B. Davis High, 1943

Carol Grant, Missed Connections

Mary Houts, A Belated Hooray for the MTA

Carmen Mason, Death Rehearsal

Leyla Mostovoy, Ablutions

Lorna Scott Porter, First Ice Cream Cone

Steve Reichstein, Civic Summer 1955

Lynne Schmelter-Davis, The Last Parenting Task

Elaine Greene Weisburg, Good-Time Charley

Elaine Greene Weisburg, Italian Lessons

Harriet Sohmers Zwerling, The Canal


Eileen Brener, Family Face

Eileen Brener, Maenads at Mardi Gras

Mark Fischweicher, Spiny Auger Mother of Pearl

Mark Fischweicher, The Cat’s Knocked Something Down

Phyllis Kriegel, Sunday’s Special Dance

Phyllis Kriegel, Divine Laughter

Carmen Mason, Cocoon with No Butterfly in Sight or Six Weeks with the Flu

Carmen Mason, Blood Roses

Mireya Perez, Family Photograph

Mireya Perez, The Wedding at Parma

Carol Schoen, God’s confetti

Carol Schoen, Key Biscayne

Howard Seeman, Before Aging

Fred Shinagel, Stones

Walter Weglein, Northeast Corridor

Elaine Weisburg, Likes to Dress Up

Elaine Weisburg, Fragments from my Wanderbook: Russian River Cruise

Sarah White, You Are a Time Capsule

Sarah White, Mrs. Warecki

Nancy Yates, Mauve

Nancy Yates, Sleeping Beauty Meets the Frog Prince

Nancy Yates, Concord Grapes

Harriet Sohmers Zwerling, ARTEMIS

Harriet Sohmers Zwerling, Dunes


All Photographs

by Photographer

Janna Amelkin

Tom Ashley

Carol Borelli

Celeste Cheyney

Joan Ehrlich

Jonathan Gaines

Carol Grant

Larry Kopel

Laurie Leiner

Marshall Marcovitz

Dan Marcus

Frank Montaturo

Robin Sacknoff

Arlette Sanders

Robert Sholiton

Bruce Solomon

Jerry Vogel

Elaine Greene Weisburg