Fall 2015

Fall 2015 Table of Contents


Letter from Director —


Letter from Publishers — 2015


Tom Ashley, Justice?
James Avitabile, Beginnings
Ivy Berchuck, The Valentine
Eileen Brener, The Best of Times
Phyllis Kriegel, Speaking Up in Paris
Marshall Marcovitz, Jerry
Carmen Mason, Measure Time by How a Body Swoons, How a Body Sways
Leyla Mostovoy, Letter to My Father
Ron Russo, Brownies
Charles Troob, The Age of Innocence:  A Memoir
Harriet Sohmers Zwerling, 55 Christopher Street (the old days)


Tom Ashley, Oh, That Side of the Dollar
Tom Ashley, What’s for Dessert in this Desert?
Mireya Perez Bustillo, When the meteorite fell
Mireya Perez Bustillo, When Gabriel came to call
Mark Fischweicher, Before It All Turns Gray
Mark Fischweicher, Canine–A Sestina
James Gould, Cherry Blossoms
James Gould, Kenrokuen Garden
Carmen Mason, Request to a Glass-Winged Butterfly
Carmen Mason, Harley
Carmen Mason, We and the Ants
Carmen Mason, The Man Who Loves Buildings
Carol Schoen, Strip Mall
Carol Schoen, Hood Rubber Company
Howard Seeman, Oases
Mary R. Smith, Harbor
Mary R. Smith, Constellation
Mary R. Smith, Vacancies
Charles Troob, At Starbucks
Charles Troob, The Vowels, Summer 1914
Charles Troob, Invocation
Elaine Greene Weisburg, What is it with old ladies and babies?
Harriet Sohmers Zwerling, Three Afternoons at Beach Point

Visual Arts

Ruth Goodman, Painted Flower, Watercolor, 8×10″
Israel Greenwald, Lonely Road , August 1999, 13×18″, oil


All Photographs

by Photographer

Jan Adler
Tom Ashley
John Becker
Carol Borelli
Celeste Cheyney
Nadine Cowen
Joan Ehrlich
Jonathan Gaines
John Gillespie
Victor Goldin
James Gould
Carol Grant
Peter Houts
Laurie Leiner
Marshall Marcovitz
Michael Marsh
Frank Montaturo
Ron Russo
Robin Sacknoff
Claude Samton
Arlette Sanders
Roy Sanders
David Sarlin
Howard Seeman
Michael Shapiro
Robert Sholiton
Charles Troob
Jerry Vogel
Doris Wallace
Elaine Greene Weisburg
Ken Witty

Video of Voices 2015 Photographs and Art
compiled by Jerry Vogel