Winter Spring 2017

Winter Spring 2017 Table of Contents


Letter From the Director
Letter From the Publishers 

Dedication to Ivy Berchuck


Tom Ashley, Remembering Jack
James Avitabile, Bad Sister
Ivy Berchuck, Curlylocks
Ivy Berchuck, The Guest
Celeste Cheyney, The Ten O’Clock Class
James Gould, Sledge and Wedge
Carol Grant, Breasts
Mary Houts, A Tale of Two Turkeys
Ron Russo, Brief Encounter
Ron Russo, Harvest Home
Claude Samton, My Medical Memoir
Lorne Taichman, Notes of a Retired Scientist
Lorne Taichman, My Father’s Pillow
Elaine Greene Weisburg, The Shoot
Elaine Greene Weisburg, Viewing the Portrait of Titus
IRP Writing Workshop, Car Stories–by Lisa Cristal, Elaine Greene Weisburg, Sara Petitt, Charles Troob, Lorna Porter, Tom Ashley, Carmen Mason


Tom Ashley, The Cathedral of Saint Sava
Mireya Perez Bustillo, Everything You Need to Know about the Fifth Grade
Mireya Perez Bustillo, From the Motril Road
Mireya Perez Bustillo, So Say the Ancient Chibcha
Mark Fischweicher, December, Harlem River
Mark Fischweicher, Long Gone (a pantoum)
James Gould, Three Untitled Poems
Carmen Mason, Acting Like the River
Carmen Mason, All I Am
Carmen Mason, Four Words, Four Lines
Carol Schoen, Goodbye, Dear Friend (to Ann Henry)
Carol Schoen, College Days
Charles Troob, Un Amour De Swann
Elaine Greene Weisburg, Look at this, Bambi
Elaine Greene Weisburg, Lives of an Oushak
Harriet Sohmers Zwerling, Ode to Stolichnaya

Visual Arts

Dick Kossoff, Wood Symphony
Ken Witty, Blue House
Phyllis Kriegel, Love Springs Eternal


All Photographs

by Photographer

Jan Adler
John Becker
Harold Berkowitz
Carol Borelli
Celeste Cheyney
Jonathan Gaines
James Gould
Carol Grant
Peter Houts
Marshall Marcovitz
Susan Rauch
Ron Russo
Robin Sacknoff
Claude Samton
Arlette Sanders
Roy Sanders
Howard Seeman
Robert Sholiton
Jerry Vogel

Video of Voices 2017 Photographs 
compiled by Jerry Vogel