Winter-Spring 2018

Winter-Spring 2018


Letter from the Publishers


Tom Ashley, Aunt Marge’s Fifteen Minutes
Eileen Brener, Love/Love
Celeste Cheyney, Better Late Than Never
Lisa Cristal, The Daily Memo
Carol Grant, My Pilgrimage to Brother Andre’s Heart
Phyllis Kriegel, Daddy Stories
Phyllis Kriegel,  A Birthday Celebration, 1963
Marshall Marcovitz, Leonard Cohen and the Year I Became an Old Man
Carmen Mason, Diamond Earrings
Claude Samton,  The Best Year of My Life
Lorne Taichman, Irrational Numbers: A Fable
Lorne Taichman, The Queen’s Boobs
Charles Troob, Two Tales from the Barnyard
Charles Troob, Everyday Magic: A Memoir
Elaine Greene Weisburg,  First Generation American
Elaine Greene Weisburg,  The Family Trees
Harriet Sohmers Zwerling, The Block


Tom Ashley, University-2-1697
Sylvia Brill, As a Result of a Failed Experiment Most of the Midwest Is Sucked into a Black Hole
Jim Gould, Blooming
Marjorie Levin, The 4th Daughter
Carmen Mason, American Beauty
Carmen Mason, AMERICA:  Flip Book
Carmen Mason, Still Life
Maria Perez Bustillo, Bubbling
Maria Perez Bustillo, Cross Dimensions
Maria Perez Bustillo, This Hand
Carol Schoen, Three Poems:  Prologue, Julius, Ethel
Charles Troob, Wisteria
Harriet Sohmers Zwerling, Grasshopper


Janna Amelkin
John Becker
Harold Berkowitz
Carol Borelli
Celeste Cheyney
Barry Cooper
Bob Feinstein
Jonathan Gaines
Jim Gould
Carol Grant
Peter Houts
Marshall Marcovitz
Lale Odekon
Susan Rauch
Robin Glasser Sacknoff
Claude Samton
Roy Sanders
Michael Shapiro
Robert Sholiton
Jerry Vogel
Susanne Yellin

Video of Voices 2018 Photographs

compiled by Jerry Vogel