Spring 2013

Spring 2013 Table of Contents


Letter From The Director

Letter From The Publisher

All Photographs 


By Photographer

Adler, Jan

Amelkin, Janna

Ashley, Tom 

Belkin, Bernie

Binder, Carl

Borelli, Carol

Ehrlich, Joan 

Fidler, Annette

Forlenza, Ron

Gaines, Jonathan

Goldin, Victor

Grant, Carol

Guberman, Mel

Houts, Peter

Kavesh, Ruth 

Kopel, Larry

LeSchack, Arlyne

Marcovitz, Marshall

Marcus, Dan 

Montaturo, Frank

Petitt, Sara

Rauch, Susan

Russo, Ron

Sacknoff, Robin

Sanders, Arlette

Sanders, Roy

Schaeffer, Mary Ellen

Schmelter-Davis, Lynne

Seeman, Howard 

Shapiro, Michael 

Sholiton, Robert 

Solomon, Bruce 

Tornabene, Nina

Troob, Charles

Vogel, Gerald

Weglein, Walter

Weisburg, Elaine Greene


By Photograph 

2 Overcoats 

Adam in Tribeca 

Anteaters make whoopee in Africa  

At the Louvre

Ayer’s Rock 

Basket Boats…Vietnam 

Birds Abstraction

Blizzard 2013 Central PARK-February 09, 2013

Bridesmaids, Phnom Penh 

Bronx Botanical Garden Specimen 

Buddhist Nun…Cambodia 

Bronx Zoo-November 17, 2012 

Cape May Surfer 

Catskill Oct 2003 


Chinese nets at sunset in Colchin, India 

Coney Island Bumper Cars

Contrast #23

Contrast in South of France 

Cuba 2010 Cars

Dancers from The National Contemporary Dance Company, Havana, Cuba

Deep in the Heart of Nowhere (Texas)

Early morning at Kinderdyck

Fishing boats in Morocco 

Flower at Martha’s Vineyard 2012 

Freedom Tower on the Rise 

Ganges, dawn prayers 

Girl at Met 

Got it

Grand Central 

Hands at Play…Vietnam

Hindu Performing Puja (Prayer) in Temple Pool 

Hollywood Beach, FL 

Indian Dancer, Applying Makeup 

Indian Women

Lincoln Plaza Crowd 

Love in the Museum 

Lyon Arboretum, Honolulu 

Mega Man

Miss You

Montmartre Street

More Than Just a Clown

Moroccan Woman 

NYC Harbor Storm 

NY’s Finest

Odessa Collage 


Out Kathy’s Window 

Poppies in Giverny, France

Reflections #13

Reflections #14

Reflections in a Harbor 


September Still-Life


Stairway 1870 House, Sag Harbor, NY 

Subway Sleep 


Sunset on the Speranza 

Sunset with Myself 

Untitled – B. Belkin

Untitled 2 – B. Belkin

Untitled – C. Binder

Untitled 2 – C. Binder

Untitled – C. Borelli

Untitled 2 – C. Borelli 

Untitled 3 – C. Borelli

Untitled – D. Marcus

Untitled – J. Adler

Untitled- R. Sacknoff

Untitled 2 – R. Sacknoff

Untitled 3 – R. Sacknoff

Untitled – R. Sanders

Upstate Sunset

Quebec City Storm over St. Lawrence River 

Washington Square Arch  

Why I Live in New York


Wrinkled stockings