I’m Mad

by Tom Ashley

I’m mad
damn mad, in fact
there’s a string hanging on my cuff
how am I going to get rid of it?
I bought this thing at Hackett
with my daughter there too
we had just come from a movie
it was something with Cary Grant
he died or something, didn’t he?
I don’t recall that movie
but my daughter ordered a trifle
and I had sticky toffee pudding
I’m sure it was at Simpson’s
and service was abominable
but if I just had scissors
I’d forgive and forget
Hackett and Simpson’s too
I’ve got to call my daughter
I think she borrowed my lawnmower

I have infinite gratitude to the fabulous Sarah White and my classmates who nurtured the imagery, passion, pleasure, emotion, insight and the gift of a lifetime I found  in poetry.