Thoughts Upon Three Familiar Phrases: One

by Carmen Mason

“It Is What It Is”

a mistake we sometimes utter by settling
for a nice sound bite for were it really what it is
then we’d have no annoying tale or anecdote in the first place
no bringing up the stupid thing in the second place
because what it is ~ merely being what it is
would kind of cancel itself out to nothingness or
we’d just flick it away with the toe of our shoe or
propel it off the tip of our nail or slap it away hard
with our fast hand ‘til it was good and dead and gone
and pay it not a smidgen of our mind
not a squirrel load and be done with it
whoopity scoop

Carmen Mason: I have been writing poetry and prose much of my life. I’ve been published, won prizes but realize I write most for myself — to express, explore, expunge and exhort.