Letter from Director — Fall 2015


Founded in 1962 as the first peer learning community in the United States, IRP has been an integral part of The New School University since its inception.

IRP members have long been encouraged to explore and share their creative endeavors in IRP Voices, an annual magazine of arts and letters.  Since 2011 Voices has been produced as an online venture. It is available to a worldwide audience through our website www.irpvoicesonline.com.

Originally conceived as a venue for written works, Voices Online added a well received section of photography.  Beginning with this fifth issue, Voices also includes art work in any reproducible medium, such as painting, watercolor, sculpture, collage, or fashion.

We urge you to share in the celebration of this 2015 issue of Voices, and to  applaud the talents  of all involved.

Michael Markowitz, Director