The Daily Memo

by Lisa Cristal

After 30 years on the job, Roger’s heart still thumped as he typed the Daily Placement Instructions. Even if his memo dictated “No Change Today” his opinion still resonated throughout the museum. He tried not to let his personal feelings interfere with societal opinions, but it was not always easy.

Some days were more stressful than others. Roger attributed his successful career to his objectivity and ability to read the public. Yesterday had been hard: he demoted James Cagney, shipping him from the second floor of Madame Tussauds to the warehouse.  Cagney had been one of his favorites, but Roger knew that he had a higher duty to a public that essentially erased this talented actor from its memory.

Today, however, he gloated to himself as his eyes hovered on the front cover of People Magazine. He recalled one of his saddest days occurred when he had to relocate Jennifer Anniston and Brad Pitt to separate areas of the Museum. Friends had been a life affirming television show to him, and how dare anyone reject Jennifer? Now that Brangelina transformed back to Brad and Angelina he could toss that home wrecker where she belonged. He chuckled to himself as his mind scouted out a few possible dark corners for her new location.

Then Roger sighed.  He hadn’t lasted 30 years by letting emotions get the better of him. Maybe he would achieve some small personal satisfaction by allowing Brad and Angelina to glare at each other across the room. And, to finalize his fantasy, perhaps he could reposition Jennifer a bit closer to Brad. It was still early in the day; such big decisions could not be made on the fly.  He needed to give this further consideration before typing that memo.


Lisa Cristal, an author of factual legal treatises, decided to try her hand at fiction though IRP’s Writers Workshop class. Thanks to the members of the class for their unflagging support.