Hack Back

by Judith Meyerowitz

You open my email account
Oblivious to the years I’ve inhabited it.
When unexpectedly. It chimes: “You’ve got my mail”
Startled but yet in disbelief, you ignore the first visitation
And set loose your virus on an unsuspecting population.
“Can you do me a favor?” You write
My name and invade my world
Then unexpectedly. My family, friends, acquaintances, associates spill onto your computer
A tsunami of letters flood your keys

You spin your chair around
Only to see a wave of @s rise up.
You scream in terror and race against the rolling addresses

In red you tumble down the swirling vortex
In blue the waters of fantasia engulf you
And in yellow-
The @s spiral out of the cartoon frame and wrap you in the entrails of my emails.

Judith has taken several writing and poetry study groups since joining and is a member of an ongoing poetry group. She thanks Voices and all those coordinators for their encouragement and support.