A Bio Genetic Uprising

by Judith Meyerowitz 

Shadows are marching between our hi riser twins
Eyes shut to the advancing lumps, the great lump in the other bed, snores
My “twin” is almost ten years older and always beats me to sleep
Deserted, I watch the little black puffballs roll stealthily through the night
I can smell them as they draw closer
Aliens have invaded Brighton Beach and I am the last line of defense
Between my bedroom and the homeland.
I stand my ground.
A warm squishiness attacks my toes
I dive under the covers of my dugout
Motionlessness my weapon.
Unseen, unheard, be gone
Morning lights the battlefield.
The great lump rises and screams:” Get your dirty socks out from under my bed!”

Judith has taken several writing and poetry study groups since joining and is a member of an ongoing poetry group. She thanks Voices and all those coordinators for their encouragement and support.