Saturday Night Fever

by Judith Meyerowitz

Trapped in a Groundhog flick
I open the window to change the frame,
watching the march of the food delivery fairies.
Not to be upstaged, doormen fashionably dressed in blue gloves and matching masks.  

Chirp/Boom street birds’ tweets alternate with car rap bass
Can the virus travel on sound waves? 

Shut the window
just in time for Cuomo’s chats
Need to hear his covid stats
Now down 

Do I shoot up lysol or wait for chloroquine hallucinations?
In my altered state, I smile like June Cleaver and prepare another meal

Why does the virus look like a disco ball?
I count pink and red
fuzzies before sleep,
Wuzzie all about? 

Judith has taken several writing and poetry study groups since joining and is a member of an ongoing poetry group. She thanks Voices and all those coordinators for their encouragement and support.