The Businessman’s Lament

by Stewart Alter

After he dies, he will finally
Have time to spend with his family.
He vows presence and patience
As he listens and delves,
And grows closer than
Their own thoughts to themselves.
No more flights abroad,
No separate memories stored,
No more windowed wonders
While adrift aboard.
He will get to the heart of things.
Study how each behaves,
Exploring even their darkest caves.
He will seep through their soil,
Embed in their clay,
Live in the liquid dream
Shaping their glass of day.
Yes, he will use his time well,
Unseen, but committed to stay,
Becoming the chemistry
Their clouds employ to play.

Stewart Alter, who joined LP2 in the Fall of 2020, has been writing poetry and painting intermittently before, during and now after a long career in business journalism and corporate communications.