Fall 2021

Fall 2021


Letter from the Publishers

Dedication to Peter Houts, Marshall Marcovitz, and Mary R. Smith

Tom Ashley, A Slight Misunderstanding
Tom Ashley, Great Explorations
Leslie Bedford, Tea Ceremony
Robert Chan, European v. U.S. Medical Care—a Case Study
Robert Chan, A Tour of the DJT Presidential Library
Lisa Cristal, Only You
Lisa Cristal, Something Lost
Pat Fortunato, An American in Mourning
Sonya Friedman, Dan & Whit’s
Sonya Friedman, Marriage on Skis
Rosalie Frost, Diary of an Anthropologist
Marshall Marcovitz, The Night I Raced Michael Jordan
Marshall Marcovitz, The Perfect Horse Costume
Carmen Mason, Bobbie Conklin
Carmen Mason, The Youth Dance
Judith Meyerowitz, Knight of the Homeless
Judith Meyerowitz, The Headwrap
Lale Odekon, I Remember
Mary Padilla, Happy Writing?
Mary Padilla, Making It Out in Time
Sara Petitt, JFK Comes Home to the Garment District
Ira Rubin, Betrayal
Ira Rubin, The Book of Leonard
Ron Russo, Rice Balls
Ron Russo, The Stranger
Lorne Taichman, Thursday Nights at the Gardens
Charles Troob, Happy Birthday
Doris Wallace, The Talker
Doris Wallace, The Chef
Richard Zacks, Amy and Clyde 


Stewart Alter, Sleeping
Stewart Alter, The Worst Seat in the House
Stewart Alter, Meditation
Mark Fischweicher, No More Dreams
Rosalie Frost, Garden Snails
Rosalie Frost, Et in Arcadio Ego
Rosalie Frost, look, how beautiful
Barbara Marwell, Legacy
Carmen Mason, Surfing
Carmen Mason, The Artist
Carmen Mason, The Irish Writer Leaves Home
Carmen Mason, Urgent Request to My Dell Desktop Computer
Judith Meyerowitz, Hack Back
Judith Meyerowitz A Bio Genetic Uprising
Judith Meyerowitz, Saturday Night Fever
Judith Meyerowitz, Genus Gefilte
Mary Padilla, Annunciation
Mary Padilla, Artistic Constraint
Mary Padilla, Gallery View
Mary Padilla, The Egret
Mireya Perez Bustillo, Chapelle du Rosaire, Vence
Jennifer Ross, A Day in the Life: Spring 2020
Charles Troob, Fortune


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The starred photos were the judges’ favorites.

A Friendly Elephant (Southern Africa) – Jonathan Gaines
A Gulp of Cormorants – Jonathan Gaines
A Hidden Mountain Lake in New Zealand – Dan Marcus
Asian Duck and Admirer, Musée Cernuschi – Charles Troob *
Atlas Staying Safe During Covid – Tom Ashley
Cape Cod Sunrise – Susanne Yellen *
Cape Cod Sunset – Susanne Yellen *
Central Park Cat – Richard Hermann
Central Park Reservoir Sunset – Richard Hermann
Chit Chat – Susan Winston *
Colored Bands, MASS MoCA – Gerald Reisner
Cuban Preview – Robin Glasser Sacknoff
Final Approach – Jerry Vogel *
Fisheagle (Southern Africa) – Jonathan Gaines *
Forest Hills in Winter – Howard Menikoff
Israeli Parade NYC – Robin Glasser Sacknoff *
Jerome AZ – Susanne Yellin
Lion Cub – Susan Rauch *
Lonely Road, Watermill NY – Richard Hermann
Long Day at Orchard Beach – Tom Ashley
Magical Manhattan in a Bed of Snow – Dan Marcus
Maine Flower Garden – Gerald Reisner
Pandemic Dining – Susan Winston
Park Bench – Harold Berkowitz
Photographic the Duomo – Lale Odekon *
Rainbow, Ocean NJ – Gerald Reisner
Reflection at the Falls – Judith Meyerowitz
Reflection on Another Planet – Judith Meyerowitz
Reflection Upon a Wet Leaf – Judith Meyerowitz
Sanibel Pelican – Jerry Vogel *
Saturday Morning Hangover – Tom Ashley
Spray Time – Susan Winston
Sun-Dappled Grove – Susan Rauch *
The Basilica Cistern, Istanbul – Lale Odekon
The Sunken Mosque, Euphrates – Lale Odekon
Tulip Trees in Bloom – Ron Forlenza
Tulips at Jefferson Market Garden – Robert Sholiton *
Venetian Shadows – Jerry Vogel
Waiting for the Next Photographer – Susan Rauch *
Windsor, UK – Jerri Sherman *
Zambelli – Robin Glasser Sacknoff