by Howard Seeman

I am at the piano 5 years old.
My mother teaching me
is still with me.
That me
is still with me.

I watch TV with my sister in bed.
We are 5 and 3
and hear my young father singing.

I pet my dog Major
and he and I remember.
Tho’ he died 57 years ago.

Sometimes I see the picture of
my beloved friend Danny
Now inside me.

Listening to my daughter
I am suddenly in a garden
drinking her.
And now with my beloved driving,
I comfort her,
my hand on her lap.


Howard Seeman, Ph.D., Professor Emeritus, CUNY; Education Consultant, Life-Coach – has been writing poetry for over 60 years. He taught poetry in high school, led poetry groups and conducted workshops on: “Centering Yourself Thru Writing Poetry”, and is a Certified Poetry Therapist. His poems have been published in local journals, and in a book: Unlike Almost Everything Else in the Universe: Aware of Being Alive.