Learning My A, B, Cs

by Tom Ashley

As I was saying to the nasty
Bad girl in the third row on the left
Curling her long golden locks and
Disturbing all the excitable young men
Enough is enough don’t you think you tart
For christ’s sake I’m trying, god knows, to teach
Goddamn poetry to you hopeless and shallow
Hedonistic moronic ‘students’ of
Idiotic, impossibly dull imagination combing a
Jaded outlook debating which flavor
Krispy Kreme donut you’ll avail yourself then
Lovingly slam down your throat while swallowing
Mouthing to the server that absolutely RIEN
Nothing NIENTE is going to prevent yet another
Order of those crullers accompanied by a
Pumpkin latte with whipped cream and in
Quest of the perfect meal please add the
Rib sandwich and additional
Sweet thick maple sauce and those super
Toffee coated twice baked potatoes
Unless maybe you should get two in case you’re
Very hungry and not able to get close or
Within another Krispy Kreme like one near
Xerox’s headquarters on the corner of
Yerba Linda and Ashley, next to House of



Taking many study groups over the years at the IRP has been a growing and stimulating process.  In college, I dreaded my writing courses.  I LOVE them now.