Southern Fried College Football

by Tom Ashley

Alabama’s highest paid employee headed to
billionaire status who happens to be making
considerably, by a factor of 24, more
damn dough, is the football coach not the governor,
expected to win a national championship ‘cuz
failure is not an option in Tuscaloosa where
gridiron greatness is demanded and to
hell with any talk of classroom participation
injurious to the mighty ‘Crimson Tide’ boys
kicking the stuffing and giving a good ‘ole
lickin’ to some other knuckleheaded young
men all soon to be dispatched to a completely
nothing job with a concussion or four plus
operations on both knees and a shoulder not
properly thinking about a future or
questioning what they accomplished while a
resident for four years of sweat blood and
simply a handful of credits and injuries
taking them from job to job no relief in sight
unless they hit the Alabama state lottery and
very few people have had such good fortune
winning these but go right ahead putting
xs down on those lotto cards all the while
you’re going through want ads from a to
z and coming up with nothing.

Taking many study groups over the years at the IRP has been a growing and stimulating process. In college, I dreaded my writing courses. I LOVE them now.