The Artist

by Carmen Mason

          When you start   everybody and everything

           is there with you    past   present   friends   family

xxxxxcritics   strangers    and all the greats

the empty brain-washed canvas

xxxxxbrushes    oily rags

xxxxxpaintswirls on the palette



or     the empty pages in  your head 

xxxxxwords   flit  like


xxxxxthen finally

xxxxxall leave one by one

xxxxxyou’re  all alone

xxxxxand   then

xxxxxif you’re lucky

xxxxxreally lucky on this day

 xxxxxyou leave too

I’ve been writing prose and poetry since I was six. Won the Ist prize in Seventeen Magazine’s short story contest at 17 and several poetry prizes through the years. I write because I cannot help myself. I write to empty out the thoughts I cannot hold inside a day or hour more.