Letter from the Publishers 2021

We are pleased to bring you the ninth edition of Voices Online.  There was too much turmoil in 2020 to produce an issue, but here we are again, presenting the amazing work of our talented members.
Thanks to the many people who made this issue possible:  the contributors, the judges, and the editors.  And thanks to our new home, the Graduate Center, for a seamless transition to a bright future.
We have dedicated this issue to three people who made enormous contributions to Voices Online and are no longer with us, Peter Houts, Marshall Marcovitz and Mary R. Smith.
Soon it will be time to start thinking about the next edition.  We invite new and newer members of the Lifelong Peer Learning Program to come aboard as contributors and leaders of the process.

Charles Troob, Publisher
Tom Ashley and Lorne Taichman, Associate Publishers