Masthead 2021

Publisher, Charles Troob
Associate Publisher, Lorne Taichman
Associate Publisher, Tom Ashley

Prose Editors: Mary Houts and Eric Roper

Prose Readers:
Mary Elwood
Mary Houts
Ruth Kavesh
Sara Petitt
Eric Roper
Ira Rubin
Susan Smahl

Poetry Editor: Mark Fischweicher and Irene Sax

Poetry Judges:
Mark Fischweicher
Carmen Mason
Judith Meyerowitz
Irene Sax

Photo Editor: Jerry Vogel

Photo Judges:
Janna Amelkin
Ron Forlenza
Jonathan Gaines
Lale Odekon
Susan Rauch
Gerald Reisner
Robin Glasser Sacknoff
Claude Samton
Susanne Yellin

With special thanks to Denise Waxman for her help in publishing Voices onto the web.