by Carmen Mason

My mother taught me lay and lie
and I went on to teach it well
to all my kids in school and
gave extra credit when they got it right.
My daughters still call to check
when working at their jobs and writing
something important
and I still yell at TV newscasters
when they say it wrong
and then Bob came along and
sandpapered the truth to me:
Why wait any longer when the one you love
is standing in front of you?
Laaaay laaady laaaaay, laaay across my
big brass bed, until the bray-ache of daaay
stay awhile and make me smile…
and of course it mustn’t be any other
way today.

Carmen Mason has written poetry and prose since she was six. She first got published in P.S. 106‘s Children’s Press. She has kept going, winning a few prizes along the way, but mainly just enjoying sharing and, while waiting for her muse to (hopefully) visit her again, telling her friends jokes by Steven Wright.